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FRAIL CARE: at the frail care stage, a person would require a lot of nursing and he/she may need help with dressing and washing and toileting and may or may not be bedridden. A frail person may also be physically ok but mentally frail, requiring constant supervision. A mentally frail person could be exhibiting signs of senile dementia (alzheimers, vascular dementia or other forms of dementia) and, as such, may be confused, disoriented, agitated, restless, anxious. A person who is instead suffering from early stages of dementia and who needs a little orientation from time to time and who is still social and able to socialize would be best looked after in a midcare environment.
It is important to point out that each care facility has their own definition and classification for what they call frail care, midcare, assisted living….so it is important to discuss the nursing requirements of a family member with the care facility before admitting them. Most care facilities, in any event, will want to assess the patient before admission in order to determine whether they are able to provide the necessary care. They may also require a doctor’s report on the patient.

The Senior Service Medical website,, is a website that offers a complete directory on all products and services for Seniors.