Okakura Kakuzo

Although you will initially be busy organising your new home, it is important to start finding your way about your new neighbourhood and becoming a part of the community. Ask questions, and you will find that people will be only too willing to help you. Your neighbours can inform you about community matters and what you need to know about the ‘local customs’. It pays to be as active as possible as soon as possible. Here are some ideas:

* Look for social groups with whom you have common interests, for example, bridge, gardening or community work.

* Join your local church or religious institution as this is a great way of meeting people.

* Have a look at the local telephone directory or yellow pages, and pop into the visitors’ bureau or any other information service.

* The local library and historical societies will be able to inform you about activities and places of interest, and the local newspaper generally features a weekly ‘what’s on’ column too.

* Programs of upcoming events are also available from music societies, theatres, recreational parks and the Municipality. Find the ones that interest you and start filling your social calendar. Invite other people with common interests to join you.

* Be the community catalyst. People often intend doing things but ‘just never seem to get around to it’.