Decorate an old age  home room to create a comfortable, cheerful space. Most old age home rooms are very small with very little space to add personal items. The rooms usually come furnished with a hospital style bed and a nightstand. Often the room is shared with another resident so space is limited. Before you begin decorating, find out the rules and regulations for the care facility.


Choose a decorating theme or color for the room in the old age home. If the room is painted, match the color of the room and any fixed wall decoration to your theme. Select bedding that will brighten the room. Cheerful flowers, animal prints or interesting shapes will create an appealing theme for the room. The standard hospital bed will fit a twin comforter. Choose bedding that is easy to place on the bed.

A small recliner or easy chair fits nicely in the corner between the nightstand and the wall as shown above. Keep a small blanket to use as a throw on the back of the chair or a lap blanket for a wheelchair.

The nightstand should hold a few items such as a cheerful basket of flowers or pictures, a clock, tissue box, water and phone. Choose a clock that has large digital display with a cd player, radio or ipod. This allows music to come on at set times or some relaxing music to listen to while resting in bed. 


Create a collage of family pictures to hang on the wall or to set on a shelf. Some old age homes do not allow anything hung on the walls. If that is the case, create a collage of pictures as shown that will easily fit on the night stand and not take up too much space. Put together a simple photo album of favorite memories in a drawer or on a shelf. A digital photo frame is a nice touch that takes up little space but adds many memories. There are digital photo frames that you can send pictures to from the internet.