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Retirement Villages Howick

Retirement Villages Howick – they’re easily accessible from the N3. With warm summers, cool dry winters and the occasional chill when snow graces the Drakensberg, it’s one of the most pleasant cities to retire in. Enjoy scenic landscapes, including the famous Howick Falls, Cascade Falls, Shelter Falls and Karkloof Falls and so much more.

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Retirement Villages Howick:

Retirement Village Howick

Hayfields Gardens Retirement Village Howick

Hayfields Gardens Retirement Village Howick consists of 26 cottages with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and an attached garage.

These are sold on a life rights basis.

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Retirement Village Howick

Elizabeth Gardens Retirement Village Howick

This retirement village consists of 69 one-and-two-bedroom cottages.

Residents can occupy their cottages for life as they are sold on a life-rights basis.

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Retirement Village Howick

The Cloisters Retirement Village Howick

The Cloisters consist of 33 one-bedroom cottages that consist of a lounge, bedroom and bathroom, with either a bath with telephone-shower or a full shower, as well as a small  kitchenette with a mini fridge and working space for a hotplate, toaster and other small appliances. The village has a central kitchen and dining room.

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