If you are finding it difficult to manage in your present home, but would really prefer not to move, there may be ways to make your life easier and safer. If you have recently been unwell, or are coming out of hospital you may be concerned about how you will cope in the future. There is a range of options that might be available and a variety of organisations that may be able to advise or help, depending on your needs and circumstances.

help in your own way

You may decide that you no longer wish to remain in your present home and that you want to move on. Or it may not be possible to adapt it to meet your needs, or you may need more care and support than can be provided in your present home.

The options might be:

When deciding on a move, there are important issues to consider to ensure it is right for you, for example:
Think about your personality and the things that are important to you. Will you still be able to do the things you enjoy now? Are there good public transport links (even if you drive now, you may not be able to in the future)?

If you decide to move to a different area, would you miss your friends and neighbours?
If you move in with family, what would happen if the family circumstances changed?
If you move to sheltered or retirement housing, would you be able to take your pet with you and/or would you be happy in accommodation occupied exclusively by older people?