The concept was started by Lesley McAlpine who trained as a nursing sisiter at Addington Hospital in Durban.After working in various hospitals in South Africa and overseas, she returned home and made a career switch from nursing sister to estate agent.

She began specialising in selling retirement homes in 1998 and soon realised, to her astonishment, that there was no complete list of retirement complexes in the Durban area. In fact, further investigations

revealed that there was no complete list anywhere in the country! She began compiling a list, which rapidly grew into a mammoth task.

To assist her in her task of obtaining the necessary information, Vilma Jorgensen joined the team in August 2001. It is largely due to Vilma’s sterling efforts that there is now, after 5 years of dedicated work, a comprehensive list of retirement complexes, old age homes and frail care establishments in South Africa. The list is ‘almost complete’ because this is a very dynamic market: some of the establishments may have slipped through the net and

there are new ones opening every month.

During this time Lesley also realised that there was no information available to assist retirees in choosing the right type of complex for their individual situation. This online guide is a tool to help you make the right choice for your needs.