Retirement village laws

We had a problem recently in Hunters Village here in Knysna. A friend of mine, with his partner, bought a house in the Village and was then informed that the very old and sickly mother of his partner could not share the house with them as apparently there is a law that restricts occupancy of houses in retirement villages to only 2 persons.
If there are more than two persons in such houses it may mean that certain privileges of the village (tax / rates ???) are prejudiced or lost.
I couldn’t get more detailed info about this from the home owners committee and I didn’t want to press this issue too much as we are in the process of now finally also moving into our house in this village and I already have had some issues with the Ctee.
Could you please find out for me if indeed there is such a law or regulation? It would seem to me that, if there is, then it is high time something is being done about it.
For instance I can think of a situation of an elderly couple needing a live-in carer.

Many thanks and looking forward to your advice.
Joop Weddepohl