Retirement village with Life Rights only

I am looking for other retirement villages in the province that operate on Life Rights only.

The reason why I would like to contact such villages is to establish what rules and regulations and which government Acts etc apply to life rights set ups. Or could you perhaps be so kind as to point me in the right direction. I live in a retirement village at the moment and am very keen to discover if the “rules” used here are indeed correct e.g.

i) can one stand for at least a decade on the committee in exactly the same position?
ii is one allowed to canvas for proxies?
iii) can the proxy forms be signed but left blank thus allowing the nominated proxy holder to vote for whomever they so please?
iv) is one legally allowed to “ban” proxies?
v) if the life rights village is registered under section 21 of the TAx Act, are audits never, ever required?
And so on!

I have tried to check on the Internet, but don’t get very far and therefore would be most grateful for any help at all.

Many thanks

Kind regards

Ingrid Andersen