If you’re thinking about retiring, George Retirement Villages could be exactly what you’reGeorge Retirement Villages looking for. Escape from the hustle and bustle of a major city to a place you can relax in while still being able to take advantage of city-living.

George is one of the oldest cities in the country and is often referred to as the Capital of the Southern Cape.

With a view of the breath taking Outeniqua Mountain Range and the fresh ocean breeze, every day is just exquisitely picturesque.

If you’re a Nature lover, you will never be bored. Starting with forest hikes, fishing, riverside picnics and the numerous farms you can visit, your days will be filled to the brim. And, if you enjoy golfing, you’re in the right place!

George Retirement Villages are spacious and well-established facilities. Situated near shops, restaurants and coffee bars, you’re conveniently served while still enjoying the cheerful small-town ambience.

One of the requirements on your checklist is no doubt to be located in a central city, with easy access to and from the area. If you choose one of the George Retirement Villages, this exactly what you’ll have. You’ll be just 8kms away from Victoria Bay, a short 14kms from Wilderness, a stone-throw 55kms from Mossel Bay, a mere 59kms away from Oudtshoorn, 94km from De Rust, a hop-and-skip 61kms from Knysna and 93kms from Plett.

The access routes into the city are clearly marked and the airport is just 7km from the city centre so you can easily hop on any domestic flight. And, for a more luxurious ride, you can step onto a vintage steam train for a scenic trip to Mossel Bay.

There’s no doubt that if you love the peace and tranquillity of Nature as well as the comforts of city living, choosing one of the George Retirement Villages is a wise choice.